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Roots After School FAQs

What does a typical day look like?

After being picked up from school, children arrive about 2:55. We drop off backpacks and head into the gym to burn off some energy. After about an hour of gym time we go into our after school room for a healthy snack. We then spend some time working on school work with help provided by one of our ROOTS teachers. After homework help we work on one of our character education topics through games, crafts or journaling.

What do you have for snack?

We supply our kids with a healthy snack, which may consist of granola bars, cheese sticks, oranges, broccoli, carrots, go-gurts, apple sauce, apple juice, celery and peanut butter, etc.

What are some of your community outreach projects?

This past year we cleaned a park, delivered pumpkins we decorated for a retirement home, and donated to a local food basket.

What activities do you do in the gym?

The kids favorite activities in the gyms are playing in our foam pits, jumping on trampolines, swinging on bars and ropes, and just playing around with one another.

What are your children to teacher ratios?

If we have a child in our group that is 4 or younger we have a 10-1 ratio, if they are older than 4 we have a 15-1 ratio.

What are pick-ups at the schools like?

Before we pick up your child for the first time we contact both you and your child's school to confirm that everyone knows where your child is to be at the end of the school day.



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