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Reaching New Heights Pre-K

Reaching New Heights is Christian based and is committed to enriching your child’s life and helping them find a love of learning. Our curriculum is designed to engage children in the learning process, as well as, provide them with a sense of accomplishment. The word kindergarten means a “garden of children” where all children are unique and have the opportunity to blossom and grow. Your child will gain a foundation for all future learning that lies ahead.

Our Program

What Reaching New Heights has to offer is an enriched, educational, and developmentally appropriate all day program which includes the following:



Your child will learn how to say numbers, colors, shapes, animals, articles of clothing, some classroom and household items and common phrases and questions in the Spanish language. Learning a second language at this stage of life can be extremely beneficial in the years to come. Studies have shown that children who learn a second language build up the grey matter in their brain. This grey matter is responsible for memory, speech, sensory perception and processing information. It has also been discussed that children who begin learning a second language have an easier time learning to read and gain more advanced reading skills.

Sign Language

Signing offers children an additional way to communicate that is stored and accessed in a different part of the brain from verbal memory. It also improves their IQ and is beneficial for children who are visual, spatial, or tactile learners. ASL stimulates learning through the senses and builds fine and gross motor skills. The use of Sign Language in combination with verbal language enhances memory and recall.


Gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills. It helps children recognize the importance of safety and can build confidence through achievement. It has been stated that physical activity in childhood will likely carry through to adulthood, resulting in a healthier and more productive lifestyle.


Group music making can channel energy into a positive and productive direction. Music can help children process and memorize information, as well as, increase their desire to listen more, learn more and know more. Speech and music have shared processing systems in the brain and the link has been proven to have an impact on children learning to read. Music evokes movement and children require movement for their development and growth.


This art form has been proven as an avenue for total body fitness allowing for all ranges of motion and movement. However, it has also been recognized for its benefits in cognitive, emotional and social development as well. Dance offers children a creative outlet through expressing their emotions in a structured environment. They gain an awareness of self and others. Dance provides opportunity for social encounters through cooperation and interaction. It helps children learn to understand themselves in relation to others. Dance and music also improve brain function and memory. When given a set of moves in a range of motion the brain must process, accept, and then remember. When this is practiced it can improve the power of our brain.


Having a wide range of literature at a child’s fingertips can ignite imagination and provide a love for reading. Library time will allow for the introduction of books that your child may have not been exposed to. Having a library has proven to improve student achievement. 

Character Building

Character education is a way of teaching children about important values such as, respect and caring for others, honesty, responsibility and many other qualities that help a young child grow into an upstanding citizen. Character building helps students in their relationships thus turning our classroom into a more productive and positive learning environment. It also helps students in their academics. Diligence and a sense of responsibility are apart of building character and guide your child to have a drive to succeed.



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